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Here is what this OCR application offers for Mac users.

Feature Comparison

The fact that FineReader Pro is an ABBYY product means that it has a great character recognition, which guarantees accurate results when extracting text to get an exact digital version form your paper documents. FineReader Pro makes things simple and effective by offering a high level of precision for text recognition and keeping the exact layout of the document.

ABBYY has tested the accuracy of its software and has rated it with an impressive While this may not have been yet validated by independent tests, the truth is that the files converted with FineReader recreate the format of the original document with exactitude. Jut like other applications created by ABBYY, FineReader is distinguished for its easy to use interface that makes the process pretty straightforward. You get guidance through every step of the reading and conversion of documents and many tasks only take a few clicks to be completed.

Using FineReaderPro is simple and you will be able to start using it immediately without any hassle. The tool combines automatic and manual functions for optimal results. It can recognize automatically document characteristics such as language or layout and also gives you the chance you to make manual adjustments. But when I try to go through the reviews and comments of the individual users who had used this product earlier, I was able to find only mixed comments.

While some say that it has the best accuracy and speed, some complain that the price is too high and the software fails to recognize most of the familiar characters and texts. There are also users who faced difficulties with the installation process.

ABBYY FineReader Pro For Mac Review

Since there are mixed reviews for the software I advise you to first try using their trial version and then if you are satisfied with it, you can go for the licensed version because some users like me had a good time using it while there are also users who feel bad for buying it. It is a common practice for any software developer to put some restrictions in the trial version of their software.

ABBYY FineReader allows you to use their trial download only for a period of 30 days and after that you need to buy their software to continue using them. Also you can convert only pages of scanned document in the trial version beyond which you need to buy the license. Another restriction that is available in the trial version is you can save only 3 pages at a time.

You will be getting a screen like below each time you open the ABBYY FineReader which asks you to buy the full version of the software. One important thing that you need to take care is choosing the document layout in the conversion process. uses cookies.

Because when you choose the layout other than editable, then you would not be able to edit the word document and you can only view it. So if you like to edit the document in the future then make sure that you set the document layout to editable copy. Since there are mixed reviews and comments for the software, I personally advise you to try using their trial version before buying the full version. You can download their trial version or buy the full version of the software by visiting the following links. There are no discounts available at this point of time.

While the software offers a top class performance by accurately recognizing most of the text present in the scanned documents and converting them into word, PDF and other available formats, the only thing that seems to be a concern is the price of the software which is a bit higher. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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ABBYY FineReader OCR Pro 12.1.12 Crack macOS

Register Log In. Toggle navigation. Pros And Cons. There are 30 Day Free Trial so user can evaluate first before buying it The scan option allows you to scan a file by attaching a scan to your PC The software recognizes the text in the scanned or image file with utmost accuracy Provides with various option to check and verify the converted text in an efficient manner Availability of different output formats apart from Word and PDF Support Languages, and has Dictionary Support for 48 languages. Average user need more time to use the software.

ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac Review: Is this OCR Worth the Price?

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ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac Review

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