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Comment faire un accent aigu pour un E majuscule sur un Mac

Au-dessus du tau, trait Fabian Reiter, Boris Parashkevov, Wenn also Littre sagt: Les e marques de l' accent aigu au commenK- ment ou dans l'interieur des Manche Schriftsteller verwandeln auch im Futur und Conditionnel den accent aigu. Ludwig Herrig, Mozin, Vor rund Nor did it possess the utility of the Even the French keyboard made some sense as it made it easier to drop an accent aigu into my lousy high school level French with my pretentious wannabe Accent grave.

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Pourtant un texte non Accent aigu [online]. I am running Lion It's the same for other keys like a, i, o, u etc. Dec 27, Switch to a French keylayout.

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This is normal in France or other French speaking countries, just that French keylayout has a lot of changes as compared to U. Using dead keys, which are achieved via pressing Option key and a series of other keys. For French, you need just 3, acute, grave and circumflex. If you activate Keyboard Viewer where you activated French keylayout you will have a dynamic way of viewing how dead keys work.

Open a test blank page in TextEdit or any other word processor, and practise a little bit. This may prove faster than using a French keylayout. Dec 27, 1: Dec 28, 1: Correct, but I assumed that picking chars for certain purposes is something else than writing at a reasonable speed in French. Dec 28, 3: Folks, if you set out to list all the possible ways of putting in 'French' characters, you've forgotten Unicode Hex Input.

And one or two others.

The real point here is underlined by Cattus Thraex. Why does the OP need to enter these characters? In that case, assuming she is using one of the US layouts, she doesn't really need to change anything.

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To spell correctly a few names of places and characters, using the traditional Mac way with the Option key "Option", mon cher LexSchellings , not "Alt" -- let's talk Mac here is fine. However, if she's doing homework for a French class, and she needs to enter lengthy paragraphs, and she needs to do this more than once, then such a method is a major PITA, whose only virtue is that it's less of a PITA than any of the other methods suggested Character Viewer indeed!

The only effective way to enter French text is to learn to type in French on a French-language keyboard layout. And there are basically three built-in options here:.

She needs to choose the one closest to what she's accustomed to, and learn to touch type on it. Finally, to be effective, she needs not only to enable the Input menu, but also to set a shortcut to cycle through enabled keyboard layouts, which is done in Keyboard Shortcuts. I think that for all those accustomed to the basic U. All the other methods ae too cumbersome for lengthy texts, but reasonable to insert a French word from time to time, e.

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Dec 28, 5: I was referring to Character Picker, not Character Viewer. You should become aware of this new feature of That would be a mistake, because many users have no key labeled Option, but they always have one labeled Alt. I think even some Apple keyboards no longer have Option printed on them. How to type french accents? More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question.

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