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Submitted by Gerald Rosenberg on Tue, Submitted by David Olshefski on Sat, Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found. Software being installed: CallGraph Viewer 0. Submitted by Rajeev Mishra on Mon, Submitted by Markus Wagner on Tue, CallGraph Viewer.

Install Drag to Install! Neon 4.

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Uses Zest as the graphics visualization engine. Eclipse Versions:. Platform Support:. Organization Name:. Certiv Analytics.

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Submitted by:. Gerald Rosenberg. There is another install operation in progress. Download last errors CSV. Marketplace Drag to Install button By adding the following code below to your website you will be able to add an install button for CallGraph Viewer.

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Saturday, November 2, - Reviews Sign in to post reviews. Time determines which functions will be displayed on the callgraph and is represented by the thickness of the connections between the nodes. You can use callcount or any other available cost to control the color heatmap and the area size of the call graph nodes.

GitHub - kuopinghsu/callgraph-gen: Generating the call graph from elf binary file

The callgraph complexity can reduced by hiding functions with cost below a customizable preset. The node shape is also customizable. The callgraph is zoomable and understands trackpad gestures like zoom in, zoom out, smart zoom. You can drill down through double-click, mouseover for details. The loaded source code is annotated with costs. You can define where your source codes located and when required, how these locations should be mapped to the server path found in callgrind file.

Profiling Viewer opens the source code of the selected function and annotates its lines with the corresponding costs. Functions can be suppressed based on the source file path.


This information is provided for each thread that executed title code as the capture was running. As with the Summary Tab shown for Function Summary captures , the Summary Tab for Callgraph captures includes hyperlinks for source locations as well as information about thread affinities and inline functions. The events list on the Callgraph tab contains one top level row for the function you captured and one top level row for any other functions that were executing in parallel with the function you captured. In this example, PIX captured the callstacks for 5 functions that were running at the same time as the captured function SweepAndPrune::BuildIslands in this case.


Each row in the event list other than leaf nodes can be expanded and collapsed to drill into the call tree. As with the event lists for other CPU capture types, you can customize which columns are displayed by choosing a set of Counters, sort by any column, and filter the contents of the event list using the filter bar.

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The default layout also contains the Butterfly View and the Function Histogram. Timeline Tab The Timeline tab contains the same callgraph information as the event list on Callgraph tab but lays it out visually on a timeline. The timeline contains one lane for each thread or core that ran code during the capture. The timeline control in the Timeline tab is the same control used in Timing Captures.

Features from the Timing Capture timeline such as the ability to pivot the data per-thread or per-core, selection synchronization between the timeline and an event list, and the display of callstacks on context switches are all provided in the Callgraph timeline as well.