Dgn2000 repeater invalid mac address

Click on the option ADSL settings under setup from the left hand side menu.

Select the multiplexing method which is used by the ISP from the drop down menu. To check whether the router has been configured properly, click Router Status under Maintenance. The internet light on the router will turn green and the internet will start to work through the router.

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Get information, documentation, videos and more for your specific product. Ask the Community. Need to Contact Support? See Support Options. Originally Posted By: wfaulk I've had reasonably good luck with Tomato I don't want to use a separate DSL modem; does that support models with one built-in? The Linksys WRT boxes e. Definitely the best choice for iffy-DSL connections. That's what we use over here, too.

The is similar, but without the built-in 4-port switch. And there are wireless versions of both models, as well forgot the numbers. Around here, I don't even know if an end-user can get an actual DSL modem. Basically, the modem is CPE and the user has no insight into it. So, to answer your question: I have no idea. Turned up this morning. Easy to configure. We'll see how solid it is.

I spent more than that in the pub yesterday lunchtime Originally Posted By: DWallach Does anybody else but me find it odd that most wireless routers out there now support Not that strange, really. Because the people who do LOTS of internal file transfers are a very tiny percentage of the folks who purchase this type of thing. Back to your current topic.. On both the phone line and on the power source. Originally Posted By: mlord We haven't lost anything here to surges since putting nearly everything onto UPSs ten years ago. I suspect bad batteries might have caused it. Originally Posted By: mlord Dubious.

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Quite an old unit; the current replacement batteries are about 4 years old. Almost time for a new set? Quote: I find that heat bad ventilation , and fan bearings, are the only things that killed the PSUs I've seen. We have a real problem with dust. I don't know if it's unusual, but I do get quite large dust bunnies not quite the same size as in the link, but occasionally close around the back of the computers.

To be perfectly honest I've been very happy with my Netgear and I would happily have bought Netgear again. The only reason I am buying a new box is that the Linksys AP can't seem to cope with the fact that I have 7 wifi devices. It all worked fine until recently, but after adding another 5 wifi devices it has started randomly denying connection to them. All very annoying. Originally Posted By: andy I wouldn't rush to buy Linksys again, the Ethernet to wifi bridge works with very few things that I have plugged into it and now the AP has proved it isn't up to the job.

It was found that it will run but it is a tricky unit to load and have function correctly. Hmmm, not going too well so far.

Netgear dgn2000 not accepting mac address - says its invalid

The TGn arrived has been plugged in. Connected to the ADSL line fine. However now comes the joy of configuring it all I have quite a bit to do as I have my own IP block, reserved DHCP addresses and lots of firewall rules to setup. The first problem is that I see no way through the web interface of turning NAT off.

The screen shots I have seen on the web show a much more detailed web interface than I am seeing on my router. A quick check shows me that I am running firmware 7. But no, none of the Thompson official sites seem to have any new firmware or even a copy of the upgrade tool. I can see some non-official sites with firmwares available to download, but I hadn't really expected to get into hacking into my nice new router on day 1 Am I being dumb?

Does this router do non-NAT with my current firmware? Are there official places to download newer firmware? I bought this router retail. My computer was setup correctly to use the I had to factory reset it, several times, until I managed to pin down what was breaking it. It turns out that firewall rules on the ST must not have spaces in their names. Unfortunately the web UI allows you to add spaces and the underlying code in the backend allows the UI to save the rules with spaces.

The CLI shows the rules setup, with their spaces. As soon as you reboot however, one of two things can happen. Either the router comes back up with your firewall settings and a whole bunch of others settings discarded, which isn't too bad. Or even worse it comes back up, but with the firewall in some sort of broken state. So you have to do a factory reset and start again. Interestingly when you do a factory reset it comes back up with no wifi security and the firewall turned off.

Unfortunately it also remembers your ADSL login details, so faithfully connects you to the Internet with zero security in place. I finally worked out what was going wrong with the firewall settings, when I discovered that the CLI correctly disallows you from putting a space in the firewall rule names. Once I worked that out I could at least set the firewall up without destroying my config every time I rebooted. There were however other nasties in store.

That wouldn't be so bad if it just broke DHCP. However when you reboot, like the firewall error, it has collateral damage. It also then forgets all the firewall rules connected with it. Basically it throws away all your network config.

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I selected a couple of wifi devices via the web UI and selected "always use this IP for this device". The router instantly disconnected both devices and would then not let them reconnect via wifi. So after a day and a half of very painful messing about I finally have it up and working.

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I'd love to make use of the QoS features and other advanced stuff, but at this point I am fearful of touching it. I didn't think my requirements for a router were that demanding: - no NAT - reserved addresses in the single DHCP scope - a dozen straight forward firewall holes No other router has ever made it this difficult to get those simple things setup.

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I have not mentioned some of the other issues I had along the way, including random rebooting after config changes. I do know for sure though that its web UI is just not up to the task.

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  • If you find yourself working on one of these routers, ignore the web UI for anything but the most basic details. Why have you not returned it? Originally Posted By: Cris These modems are the best for line performance, that's fact. I don't know Roger. Line performance isn't all about speed either, stability is a large part of good performance on DSL lines.

    I once sat with a BT Wholesale guy who used my line at home as an example for a couple of technical points we were discussing, by changing a few settings we were able to get my line to sync at the full 8Mbps. Unfortunately it would hold sync for about 5 minutes and then drop for 5 minutes.

    Originally Posted By: wfaulk Why have you not returned it?

    https://sparexinmud.tk A very good question Because I bought it online, so I wouldn't be able to start the returns process until Monday and because I've now invested a day and a half of my life getting it working how I want it. I normally don't have to change anything on the router for several years at a time, so now I know how to work around its quirks I should be ok.

    Originally Posted By: Cris It's worth sticking with it, if you don't see the line improvement straight away it may take a little time for your SP to catch up. It will take much longer than that My Netgear router managed to max out the line most of the time anyway. Every now and again it would drop down to 6. So it will take a year or so until I know whether the Thomson is doing any better and even then I won't really know as the line may have changed in the meantime.

    I can't find the link I used last time Yeah, the knack is not giving it an invalid range. Are there any diagnostics I can see that'll show this "negotiation" of line speed? If you are getting 6. I think Andy made a good suggestion of checking the firmware and options to make sure the modem knows to use it. To cut it down to it's very basics they are changing to a fully IP based back haul for both voice and data between the exchanges, as this means a change of equipment us as end users can expect to see some new features but not massive increases beyond what is already possible with the range of DSL services on the market.

    We don't. Well, we've got various phone wires running around the house, but I don't know where some of them go. As far as what's actually in use, we have a socket by the front door with the ADSL modem and a DECT base unit two handsets plugged into it obviously with a microfilter.