How to record screen and audio together on mac

How to Record Mac Screen with Audio with Movavi Screen Recorder Studio

To stop the recording, click on the stop button in the menubar. After that, you can save the file, share it on YouTube, import into iMovie, etc. Whatever you want. QuickTime Player is free, is already on your Mac, and is simple.

It's great, but unfortunately it's also a bit limited in several ways. Here are just some of the ways QuickTime Player doesn't live up to most uses:.

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While QuickTime Player is very simple to use, its simplicity also makes it useless except for the simplest of purposes. In summary, it's good for capturing a small area of the screen, with no system audio, for a short duration of time, where you want no control over the size, quality, or format of the result. Beyond that, it's not what you want.

How to use quicktime to record screen and audio on Mac?

Screenflick offers far more features, flexibility, and performance better than QuickTime Player, while still being really easy to use. There's a reason that Screenflick is a very popular screen recording tool used by everyone from 8 year-old YouTubers, gamers, software developers, and professional software trainers. Whatever it is you want to record, Screenflick is a great tool to get it done.

Use QuickTime Player

To screen record your Mac with audio: Learn more about Screenflick. Quick Contents: Using Screenflick to Record Your Mac Screen Open Screenflick Optionally change any of the recording settings to suit your needs Click the recording button Select the area of the screen to record and start recording Stop the recording when you're done Optionally change any of the export settings to suit your needs Export the recording If you don't need or want to change any settings, it's as simple as it gets to use, but because you can customize many settings, it's much more useful and powerful.

How to Record Screen With Audio on Mac

Using QuickTime Player to record your screen is simple: This is an AppleScript that is meant to uninstall Soundflower, should you ever need to. In order to use it, simply double click on the file name to open the script up in Script Editor, and click on the play button.

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  • Key in your login password, and viola! Just like that, Soundflower has been erased off your Mac. Soundflower fixes this exact issue with screen recording on the Mac.

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    If so, what solution did you use? Thanks for this post! For me, I had a problem as SoundFlower seemed to stop any audio playing at all.

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    Any suggestions? Thanks Kim. Everything works smoothly. However while playing games, the sound is delayed from the video itself a bit.

    Record your computer's screen with audio on a Mac - CNET

    I used to record screen and sound with acethinker screen grabber, works quite well. Share it here as an alternative to Soundflower.

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