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The soldiers manage to rescue the scientist who reveals that he was part of a team developing an experimental orbital cannon that can be used to wipe out large swarms of zombies in a single shot. The soldiers then accompany the doctor to the facility where the weapon can be fired and manage to protect him long enough to activate the weapon and escape.

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While flying away from the facility, the group witnesses the devastating firepower of the orbital cannon, which wipes out a large zombie swarm that has surrounded and overrun the facility. A group of survivors searching for food witnesses the crash of a Russian military helicopter and move in to save anyone who survived. When they reach the crash site, they only found one survivor, a female Russian Army officer, and fight off a massive swarm that attempts to overrun the crash site.

After fending off the zombies, the officer enlists the groups' help in activating a deadly nerve agent throughout Moscow that is lethal to both humans and zombies.

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The plan is to evacuate any survivors still alive in the city and kill all of the zombies in Moscow, but the nerve agent will leave Moscow uninhabitable for six months. After sending out a signal to warn all survivors to evacuate before the nerve agent is released, the group infiltrate a secret facility where the nerve agent can be released.

They successfully release it throughout Moscow, killing all of the zombies in the city. Following the outbreak, the whole country of Japan is being evacuated.

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A volunteer rescue team finishes a final check for survivors in the city and assists in escorting a bus of survivors to a military checkpoint. The team is then tasked with assisting in defending a large cruise ship which is the only remaining evacuation transport. The team manage to hold off a massive swarm by destroying a large fuel facility that acts as a wall of fire and manage to reach the cruise ship in time as it departs Japan.

However, some of the infected have somehow gotten aboard and have infected large groups of survivors on the ship.

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The team assists the military in repelling and ultimately eliminating the infected from the ship. Though they have abandoned their country, the team hold hope that they will one day return to reclaim their land. Saber Interactive began the game's development after one of their teams completed the production of a Halo game.

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Approximately people worked on the game. The studio decided to use the World War Z license for the game as they felt that there were too many risks involved in marketing a brand new intellectual property.

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Gerry Lane, the character played by Brad Pitt in the movie, is not in the game as the team opted to include multiple survivors who have their own stories. The team took inspiration from The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay when they were exploring how they could incorporate elements from the film and the book into the game. Updated 3 months ago. Last revision 3 months ago. Plants vs.

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