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With SSD, it flies. Except for the cooling fan, the Mac mini is silent. So far I am very impressed. In some iMacs, replacing the hard drive is less than easy, sometimes requiring special cables. I remember thinking rpm hard drives were a big step forward from rpm drives, but this puts that to shame. If you want to unleash your Intel Mac, this is one way of doing it. Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations.

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Keep Your Mac mini Alive and Kicking with DIY Upgrades

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I assume this is because PlatformSupport. I'll do some tinkering over the weekend and let you know what I find out. I borrowed a spare Mac to recreate the I don't know why it wouldn't boot from USB earlier. Sure enough, I deleted it, just like before, and this time I'm at a loss to explain why it worked tonight but not last night. Here's my config: Original Config: Macmini1,1 1.

Apple Mac mini (Late 2006)

This is most puzzling, because the plist has been removed. I've also tried reinstating an edited plist with the model in there to no avail. I'm considering restoring back to First, Thanks for the website. Its an amazing resource and I make a point to visit it daily. I have a early Mac Mini that was showing its age. CPU swap was easy thanks to your upgrade guide. Luckily I also picked up a set of the Nylon bolts from the local hardware store prior to the upgrade.

I did break one of the heat sink mounts. Then connected the drive to my Macbook Pro via firewire and installed Lion directly to it. While connected I also applied all updates, installed iLife '11 and Office The Mac Mini booted right up after a brief question mark. The system boots in about 17 seconds and applications launch in less than two doc bounces. Scrolling in iTunes and websites are smooth. Right now I have 2gb of ram in the computer but I'm going to pick up some more memory and try to upgrade the system EFI firmware to version 2,1. My Macbook Pro is running Mountain Lion.

Not sure why Apple restored it yet again this far into Otherwise, all is well on From the comment I assume you used the Combos are more likely to reinstall plist but even deltas may do so sometimes. Best to be prepared regardless. Other Replies the OS X Just removed the PlatformSupport.

Well, I was surprised to discover that it was indeed there after the previous updates did not restore it. As with previous updates, Activity Monitor revealed to be mdsworker doing its stuff choking both cores.

Mac mini 2009 Data Doubler 2nd Hard Drive/SSD Installation Video

Maybe they do but are not as aware or do not notice it. Some later Yes, onboard sata has big drive support for much higher capacity, but largest 2. Check drive heights before buying, as I think your mini's max is 9.

Drive reads BRD fine, need player if this is to be a media box. There's a "Mac" blu-ray player app www. I've not kept up with VLC media player for a long time but maybe someone else can better answer this question. There's some media center software for Macs XBMC , Plex , maybe others especially for those that like 'non disc' media.

Again I'm not the best person to ask about that, sorry.

MacStrategy | Article | How To Upgrade The Internal " SATA Disk In An Apple Computer

I had linked to a reader's core solo Mini Media Center project page years ago but it was a. Mac website and is now Try googling on the subject. Fan is loud, has less then a 10 second boot to desktop, seems to be running good.

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Might heat be an issue? And I'd see what freeware Temperature Monitor reports on your system.

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Thanks for the tips, and good modding to you all. I refused to upgrade to Lion because the USB This had to to with Spotlight indexing and some other optimizations that the kernel does with every fresh Mac OS X installation. I'm impressed with the cooling efficiency of Lion vs. Snow Leopard.

So I backed up the data to a Time Capsule before erasing the internal drive. The mini booted back perfectly without issues, also reporting the same temperature readings as with the external drive once "mdworker" finished doing its thing. How much did I spend on all this? Worth every penny. Thanks Mike, I would not have done this if not because of your very informative report section on this helpful site.

Trouble was it wouldn't run new version of word so I couldn't open the document. And, thanks to this page, so it began Upgraded firmware to 2. System memory map related I assume.

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Older posts years ago and mac upgrade vendors have also listed that limitation. Then thought an SSD would be nice. Problem that it was SATA 2 and although supposedly "backwards compatible" to SATA 1 - it wasn't - without a firmware upgrade didn't work this out until installs from TimeMachine loaded up and then apps started dropping out. To do the SSD firmware upgrade, had to remove the SSD, reinstall the old HDD and burn a boot disk with the new firmware using the mini our only writable disk drive and then boot update? Per this www. After this it went like a rocket.

Installed office for mac original purpose lost in the mists of time! Or no Then decided to upgrade cpu and get to lion to access a TM backup Temperatures OK if not pushing it with lid off, 1 rivet in place and some arctic 5 thermal compound. Will be slightly more comfortable once ebay member finally ships my replacements 20mm M3 bolts which I ordered in anticipation thanks to someone else on here!

Mac mini: teardown, adding second hard drive, 1TB upgrade kit

So now I have questions Case, drive swap. Is there any way to take advantage of the 3 gigabit link speed in the SSD, rather than the 1. Reports there generally were on SIL based cards which require a driver install. And not bootable. Your call if you want to try installing the unofficial OS X univ trim enabler. Taking the mini apart was quite easy. Didn't need to use a putty knife as many of the guides say. I used a Swiss army knife and the bottle opener part. Lid popped off very easy and I did follow the ifixit guide which has great pics.

New CPU in, thermal paste and all back together.

Had a bit of trouble getting the lid back on as I caught the silver bits of the chassis. Lid back off and next attempt the lid wiggled on avoiding the silver bits. Never higher. Lion Install - this is where I had trouble as there are many ways to achieve this and it can be confusing Below I post a step by step that hopefully others may benefit from it. I have 2 macs. A inch iMac and the above mentioned Mac Mini. Because I have this setup, I used the target disk mode install. Steps below. If not already owned Buy FireWire cable.

Place both macs together so the FireWire cable can reach them both. Plug cable in.