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Many "low-end" or "mid-end" print bureaus here in Europe still deliver the best results with this PDF format only.

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Distiller can also selectively compress embedded images, that's quite an important factor if you post your PDFs on the web. You can do that in OSX When you go to print a file in any app, the 'Save as PDF' button from I've got a number of different ones including one that compresses down to decent sizes for the web.

Thank you very much! Now it is at his right place. Thanks again! After installing some recent Apple updates, my PDF printer stopped working, yet again. This time the solution was to quite printer setup utility, acrobat, safari, and any office applications. Then launch Acrobat.

It will notice the pdf printer is missing and reinstall it also prompting you for your password. As to why you want to do this over the built-in OS X pdf services, Distiller still provides additional controls that are needed for professional work that are not available in the built-in service. Scan using another scan option, such as Apple Image Capture. Make sure your printer is on and connected to your Mac with a USB cable or local wireless network. If HP Easy Scan displays in the list , open it. Download any available updates, and then reopen the app. If your printer does not display, click Browse Scanners , and then select your printer from the list.

Step 2: Set scan preferences Before you scan a document or photo, set preferences such as resolution, color mode, orientation, or page size. Open the Presets drop-down menu, and then select a scan job. If you are scanning a simple item, such as a single, one-sided, letter-size document , select one of the suggested shortcuts, and then skip to the next step.

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You can crop, rotate, or change the brightness of your scan later. If you are completing a more complex scan job, such as a multi-page, legal-size, or detailed document or photo , click Edit Settings , and then continue with these steps. If you are scanning two-sided documents duplex , select the Scan both sides of page check box. Step 3: Scan and edit Scan documents and photos from the scanner glass or document feeder, edit the scan, and then save it.

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Scan from the scanner glass Scan documents or photos from the scanner glass. Place the first item you want to scan face-down on the scanner glass, aligning it with the guide at the edge of the glass. If you want to add pages or scan a two-sided document, click Add on the bottom bar, flip the item or place the next item on the scanner glass, and then click Scan.

Click the thumbnail of a scanned item in the left panel, and then click Edit to adjust colors, straighten, or crop the scan. Click Send in the bottom right corner of the window, and then click Folder. If you want your scan saved as a single file, make sure you select the Save all items to a single file check box. If the check box does not display, select a different file type. Scan from the document feeder Scan documents from the automatic document feeder ADF.

Load all pages into the ADF. Look for a graphic with arrows on the document feeder to help you load your pages correctly. If necessary, you can add pages to your scan job later.

Click the thumbnail of a scanned item in the left panel, and then click Edit to adjust colors, straighten, or crop that item. To add pages to your scan, click Add on the bottom bar, load more documents into the ADF, and then click Scan. To remove pages from a multi-page scan, click the thumbnail on the left panel, and then click Delete on the bottom bar.

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Scan with HP Smart Scan documents or photos from your printer to your Mac, and then save your scans or share them via email or social media. Go to From the Scan window, change any settings to match the scan job, and then click Scan. Adjust the border, rotate, crop, or straighten the image, if necessary, and then click Apply. Click Add Pages to add pages to your scan job, if necessary, and then print, save, or share the scan. Place the document or photo print side down on the scanner glass, and then close the scanner lid.

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If your printer has an automatic document feeder ADF , use it to scan multiple page documents at one time. Open Finder , and then click Go in the top menu bar. Click Applications , and then double-click Image Capture. Click your printer name in the Devices or Shared list. Scan Mode : Select the scanning bed or automatic document feeder. Kind : Set scan as color, black and white, or optimized for text only documents.

Resolution : Higher resolution produces better quality images by using more dots pixels per inch.

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Higher resolution increases the file size of the scan. Use a higher resolution for scans with graphics or items that require the best detail. Asked 9 years, 8 months ago.

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Active 2 months ago. Viewed 6k times. Check out my answer, VipRiser is exactly what you want.

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Ned Deily Ned Deily How can I achieve it. Also I want to show my custom UI that will have user authentication etc when my printer is selected from the list. You should open a new question and describe your problem fully. I posted a question: stackoverflow. Is there any information or examples on how to do this and does this work on the latest version of OSX, Mountain Lion? In case the printer driver is absolutely needed and the PDF services are not suitable.