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Or you can drag and drop the target files from the computer to this app's album. Drag and drop these video files from your video album to the timeline one by one.

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Now you can arrange them on the timeline according to the play order. The slider bar is offered to help you arrange the video files without overlapping them. After that, you can click the Play button to view the effect in real time. Learn more video editing tips.

Part 2. How to Merge Videos in VLC

Click the "Export" button to select one of the export methods. You can go to the "Format" tab to choose your desirable format. If you want to upload the video creation to YouTube and Facebook for sharing, just click the "YouTube" or "Facebook" tab to fill in your account and password to publish it. Alternatively, you can save it on your mobile devices.

Watch the video below to see what Filmora can do for you and download it for free now to check out. First, open up iMovie and click "File" at the main menu, select "New Project" to start a new iMovie project. Then name the project and set the project settings for things like the aspect ratio according to the specifics of the files you want to join using iMovie.

Then a browser will pop up which allow you to select the files you want to bring in.

How to Combine Videos Into One (7 Easy Ways) | Uscreen

After choosing the target files, click "Import" and all the clips will appear in the Event window, where they may be in several frames depending on how long the clips themselves are. Now you can choose the clips you want to join, drop them into the Project window and arrange the order of them according to your needs.

Then when you play through the Project window, you will find that all of the clips are joined together. How to Add Video Effects in iMovie. Now that all the clips in Project window are play though as one, you can export it so that it will stand as a single clip. To do this, go to "Share" and there are a variety of different options. Steve Jobs says Apple is finally debt-free. AirPods 2 in a new color could soon launch alongside AirPower. Art of the commute: Score sweet deals on apps and gear for Presidents Day [Deals].

Pismo PowerBook is a multimedia powerhouse. Leave a comment. YouTube Editor 6. Merge Video 7.

IT Training and Tutorials - How to Merge Video Files with HandBrake

Adobe Spark. If you want to combine videos on your desktop computer, you can use almost any video editing software you like. For ease of use, though, we recommend these two. When it comes to Windows video editing software, Shotcut is a must-have. The learning curve is a bit steep, but it gives you a ton of power and is completely free.

Once the video has opened, drag it to the timeline down below: To add another video, just repeat the process. Open another clip and drag it down into the timeline at the bottom of the window, making sure that the edge lines up with the first clip: You can also use Shotcut on Mac, but you can save yourself a bit of time if you already have iMovie.

1. Desktop Video Editing Software

Select your hard drive, and find one of the files you want to combine. Select a video and hit Import Selected. Repeat the process for the second video file. You can also upload directly from iMovie to a few different places. There are several apps that will let you combine videos on Android and iOS.

7 Really Quick and Easy Ways to Combine Videos into One

If you already have a favorite mobile video editor, you can probably use that to combine clips easily. The app will ask if you want to use Automatic or Freeform mode. Automatic combines the clips and lets you add a soundtrack.

In the editing screen, each clip will be displayed in the timeline. To rearrange them, tap and hold a clip, then drag it to where you want it to be.