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Which is more novelty than functional as you run into functional conflicts among apps. Any ideas? If it says connected and the lights are blinking on the Bluetooth Settings then it should work. Check the game. Have No if you pair your Dualshock 3 controller to an Apple device it voids the warranty and permanently dissociates the gamepad from all Sony products. Yeah, I just read his reply a few weeks after I paired them, and it works great! Thanks for the great post! So it was a bad attempt at humor.

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Does NOT work on Each game may be different though in that you may have to activate game pad control first either through the command line, a config file or within the game interface itself. Do you mean the keyboard when you say Mac controls? Standard input.

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Non bluetooth question. It connects by USB. Has anyone gotten the PS move navigation controller to work on a Mac? Reason why I asked was because I have one and I never had any luck getting it to pair no matter what I tried. So it was pretty much a no go as far as I can tell. I have gone through this tons of times. First off the lights start flashing right when I plug in the USB.

Sometimes I get the pairing prompt but after I put in the 4 zeros it just comes up again. Yes I made it a favorite. Sometimes I go through all the steps and then nothing even happens.

How to connect game controllers to your Mac

Is there something else I might be missing? How could I disable it? You have to start up a game that accepts game pad control to see if it worked. But beyond that, you have to test it out in a game. It seems when someone posts a link in here it has to be approved for it to show up. How did you do it? Did you need to add the controller to favorites in Mavericks Mine is still not doing anything. Mac says PS3 controller is connected but its not doing anything..

How to connect a ps3 controller to a MacBook pro

I have the exact same problem as KaramK You should then see it listed in the Bluetooth menu in the menu bar. Not working with my Lego Batman 2. You mean you have keyboard emulation software installed and ON?

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SO get rid of all of those programs? What game are you getting it working in? Whenever I try to get a Lego game to discover the controller, I just get nothing from it. You may want to get in contact with their support if you continue to have problems. I already know they would tell you the same thing about keyboard emulation software that I have though.

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Will 3rd party PS3 controllers work just as easily? Games see the buttons. You may get extra functions from the chips used in those controllers that may not be on the controller itself though. On my Versus Fighting Pad I can see analog functionality in some utils, but there are no analog sticks or SixaxiS functions on it. With Bluetooth controllers you just have to figure out how to pair it and it should work.

Just in case you guys missed it but the PS4 controller also works with the Mac. Lemme shed some light on that. Not sure what you mean by deceased dead.. The computability is far decreased in the PS4 controller compared to PS3? Works, but the DS3 acts like a DS1 controller. This has been the case since Snow Leopard. Has anybody succeeded to get these features to work at all?

The problem is that the Mac will register them as two separate controllers—which, of course, they technically are. As I see it, it's not worth the effort. Hold it down for a few seconds. This unpairs it from any other device. Press the PlayStation button and then the four lights on the top of the controller should light up. When you see the lights, disconnect the cable. You should soon see a pairing request from your system for PlayStation3 Controller.

If it asks for an access code, enter I am sorry I could not be more helpfull. I was looking into the same thing. They both work fine wired, they both work fine in big picture mode. The main decision points are if you prefer one controller over the other, and if wireless, if you hate the wireless controller receiver for the XBOX The Dualshock 4 controller can pair via bluetooth and is seen as generic wireless game controller. The controller mapping is not plug and play as a generic controller - you may have to make mappings of each button for any given game or download custom plist files for any given game.

The touchpad does not work under the generic controller. Unless you don't mind the fact that they are not plug and play and may not work at all for a new game, then you should not get on XBOX ONE or Dualshock 4 controller today to use with a Mac. My guess is in the next year or so both the DS 4 and the Xbox One controller will get good support, but fo now you should go with an Xbox controller.

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