Samsung kies wont connect mac

I am so frustrated. I am trying to do the file transfering on Kies. Another solton? But anyways you could try this: Hope this helps. Many thanks!! I cannot tell you how much I appreciated this tip! And I am surprised this was not well-known either! You must be logged in to post a comment. Bad Behavior has blocked access attempts in the last 7 days.

Leave a comment and let me know if this helped you out. January 13, at 8: December 13, at 1: JJ Dromard. August 15, at 2: July 27, at July 22, at 5: It worked with my Note 2. What did change exactly? February 25, at 4: February 17, at 9: February 17, at 4: February 14, at 7: January 24, at January 14, at 4: After two days of messing around with this problem i tried this and it worked great!

You can now access the internal memory of the Galaxy S6 via USB cable and your computer to copy and paste music, videos, photos etc. This finally solved my problem. Thanks so much! Thank you very much Cesar. As you say, the problem is solved by allowing developer mode USB debugging. Anyway, once found, a simple fix.

Thank you! Some cables will charge just fine, but still will not transmit data. Look on Amazon for one that states it will. Ahh, thanks for saying this! I went back to use the old cable I had, and data is finally being transmitted! What the hell can I do?

Samsung Kies connection problem fix

I feel like Apple has created this problem so that people will be forced to buy their phones. Thank you…after spending hours trying to solve this problem between my Samsung Tab A tablet and Apple iMac, this solution has made the Android file transfer work! I know that Apple and Samsung are enemies but, this is ridiculous! Thanks again. Not working for Yosemite SO annoying!! Thanks so much. Never occurred to me that using Kies, which I removed from my MAC many years ago, could be the problem.

Driving me nuts! I tried everything else suggested on Android sites and nothing worked. I followed the directions, worked. I thank you. I feel for the many folks that struggle with this. Appreciate you posting the solution. Thanks a lot for the simple excellent tip. Wasted a lot of time searching and following tips given in other sites. Only yours worked. Kudos to you! Aaaah, that was the solution! I nearly got mad finding a solution. When you mouseover the download link, the file there is kiessetup. Obviously, this is not your problem, but putting this issue aside, I suspect my issue is different.

I have never owned an Android phone before I just got a new Galaxy S7 a week ago , so there would be no reason for me to have installed the Kies drivers on my Mac in the past unless they are pre-installed by Apple, which I doubt. In addition to getting the same error message that you did on your Mac, I also get the following message on the phone:. Reconnect the USB cable and try again. To download Android File Transfer, go to https: It seems to not even recognize that Android File Transfer is installed on the Mac. I have an update on my issue. I was having the same issue and noticed the.

I am unable to download the KiesMacSetup. The link on the Samsung website downloads the Windows executable. Any suggestions on where to find the Kies for Mac? Oops, it seems like they updated the software and put the wrong link. Try this http: Thanks for the advice. This is the only thing that finally worked. I needed to get rid of the stupid Samsung SmartSwitch software and now my wonderful Android File Transfer works again! Need help pretty please: Has anyone experienced this before and know what to do? You sir deserve a medal.

I was at the point of throwing my macbook. Not working for me on my S7 edge keep keep getting the devise is locked disconnect the usb unlock the screen and reconnect. I would have been stuck — thanks Techwalls! Thank you.

[Solved] Samsung Kies Cannot Detect My Phone, How to Fix It?

This worked for me also. In my case though it was the removal of, not Kies, but Smart Switch, which was required. Well, like Hakim and many other people, none of this worked for me. I have been having this problem for years! I tried everything! Huge thank you for you solution, I am not sure I installed Kies but maybe another tool was containing Smart Switch that has been removed. Spent so much time with other solutions that did not make it. I will share your link on websites that propose other solutions. I updated to os sierra and am trying to use atf for my samsung s5. I have went in and debugged the USB and have also did the kids uninstalled, still not working!

I had my mac wiped and updated about 3 months ago, can remember if I used smart switch or kids before that. Any suggestions??????

Android File Transfer - Could not connect to device Error on Mac

Android File Transfer is reading my device, I can see all files and see them…. Help Please, thank you. ATF was working well for years, but I recently did a factory reset of my phone, after which the Android OS updated itself a few times to the most recent version available for my phone. It disconnects the phone and forces me to quit the program.

I only bought the Samsung Galaxy to take photos I use the iPhone for everything else.. And smartswithch does not access like Android File Transfer. This did not fix my issue with AFT. What else can be done? After hours searching the internet and calling the Apple and Samsung helpdesks to fix the problem you came with this brillant idea. I have an S8 and was able to transfer pics just fine until a few days ago. Was never able to get the DCIM folder to appear. Tried repeating the process but still unable to get the pics transferred. As soon as I that — everything worked.

This really did the trick. Funny thing is Kies was not installed on my Mac as I have been using iphone.

Part 1: Samsung Kies Stuck on Connecting Forever

Worked beautifully! Please could you help? I was using Android Transfer and have used it a lot before to transfer pics from Samsung phone to Macbook Air. No error message at all. Have tried all the following without solving the problem: I had the same problem as the original poster. My issue was resolved by allowing data logging on the USB port.