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Intel's 8th-generation of chips is meaningful. So meaningful, in fact, that I'd dissuade most people from buying Mac laptops with older generations of Intel chips, especially in the inch models, whether they're brand new or refurbished.

That's because Intel's 8th-generation of chips in Mac laptops contain four or more cores. For those who use Macs for regular work with more or less "basic" apps like Microsoft's Office Suite, office messaging apps, and a web browser, it means better longevity for your Mac.

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It'll potentially give your MacBook longer legs by handling your workload for a longer time period than Mac laptops with older Intel chips that come with two cores. And for those using video and photo editing software, four cores or more mean faster and smoother editing. Check out how you can get your hands on a MacBook Pro that's been refurbished by Apple itself, and what to look out for:. You'll find Apple's Refurbished Mac Store by clicking here.

Apple offers refurbished models for both its inch and inch models. However, at the time of writing this article, only inch refurbished models are still available. You can find the options towards the top left of the site, or click here to go directly to the inch models , and here for the inch models.

Apple's inch MacBook Pro uses Intel's 8th-generation "Core i5" chip that comes with four cores. You can easily tell which laptops have that chip by looking for the word " quad-core " in the unit's name. For example, you'll see "Refurbished Those units that don't come with Intel's 8th-generation of chips will say " dual-core.

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On the inside is a 1. Having only two USB-C ports can feel limiting. You'll need to buy multiport adapters like this one to plug stuff in and stay charged at the same time. There are a few things you might miss from higher-end MacBook Pros. Those pricier machines sport extra USB-C ports, as well as more robust capabilities.

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The only high-end laptop Apple makes is the inch MacBook Pro. The latter option has the fastest internals and biggest, highest-resolution display of all the MacBooks—making it well suited to everything from 4K video editing to massive Lightroom batch exports. Its big screen is also a major boon to productivity, making side-by-side document editing and web browsing a cinch. MacOS If you don't already have an iPad, Catalina might convince you to get one.

See our iPad buying guide. Pairing the MacBook Pro with an iPad is the closest you're likely to get to a portable dual-monitor setup. Four Thunderbolt 3 ports mean you'll have plenty of places to plug in the rest of your devices too. This small display above the keyboard is touch-sensitive and plays host to a row of customizable, interactive controls.

It can be handy, at least in theory, but many apps have yet to truly take advantage of this skinny touch interface. It might be just right. Offering powerful quad-core processors and all-day battery life in a reasonably portable 3-pound package, the entry-level inch MacBook Pro will be the best of both worlds for many people.

You get the Touch Bar and a faster chip than the Air, but avoid the extra weight and bulk of the inch model. Catalina's Sidebar feature works a treat here too, pairing your iPad for an extra screen or drawing pad on the go. The entry-level model sports a 1.

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Unlike previous generations of MacBook, there are eccentricities and problems with Apple's laptops that you should know about before you buy. Bland Touch Bar: When Apple debuted the Touch Bar in late , it touted the thin touchscreen strip above the keyboard as the next-generation of user input. Unfortunately, this hasn't panned out. There seems to be little interest from third-party software designers in doing anything innovative with the tiny display. Those Touch Bar-packing laptops have Touch ID, which lets you log in and access sensitive data with your fingerprint, but what's been swapped out for that is something you'll miss: a physical Esc key.

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