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The game uses a combination of virtual buttons and sticks to create a shooting experience much better than it has any right to be, and with optional motion controls, you can even fine-tune your shot to take out the most distant targets with a sniper rifle. As with its big siblings, PUBG Mobile supports duo and team-based matches, and built-in voice chat allows you to coordinate with your teammates before you approach a new area. Publisher Tencent developed its own emulation tool so you can play the game from your PC with a mouse and keyboard setup.

Initially restricted to Thailand, this free alternative to the original PC release also relaxes the more taxing system requirements, making it easier on older systems. Apple Store Google Play Windows. Want to put your boots on the ground and fight with one of your soldiers in direct combat? There are paid versions of Call to Arms that offer additional downloadable content as well as single-player content, but the free version gives you access to the multiplayer mode, and you can progress just like you would in the full version.

The lightning-fast shooter put reflexes and skill above all else, becoming a popular early esport and spawning several sequels. Quake Champions features a variety of different game modes, including traditional deathmatch and both 1v1 and 2v2 duels, and it includes a mix of classic and brand new weapons. The game also recently received a full soundtrack overhaul , courtesy of Brutal Doom composer Andrew Hulshult, because you need some roaring tunes in the background as you blast your opponents apart.

The tree-like Grover, for instance, can deal out heavy damage with his ax while also healing nearby allies, and the crafty Pip makes use of explosive potions to catch enemies off-guard. Unlike the set classes and abilities offered in Overwatch , Paladins allows you to customize your heroes using a deck building system. Game modes are straightforward, primarily pitting two teams against one another in an effort to move a cart, capture select points, or steal a briefcase.

Few games have held up as well over the years, and to be honest, few probably will. Sometimes, you just want to get down to the nitty-gritty fundamentals of first-person shooters: the shooting. With Black Squad , NS Studio has created a relentlessly twitchy and precise multiplayer experience that should feel right at home for fans of earlier Call of Duty titles and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. You can slice up enemies, grab and toss them, or perform the most gruesome kills once you have them in your power.

Leave your brains at home and just enjoy the crazy gameplay. Max Payne 3 might look like a third-person shooter, but it plays like an FPS. What would you remove from this list and what would you replace it with? Photo Credit: GabrielaP Your email address will not be published.

That may be games compatible with the current version of OS X I enjoyed a great level of graphics for the time.

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Rainbow Six still holds up even now, whereas Ghost Recon shows its age slightly more, but is still enjoyable. The downside is that both of these titles do not operate on the current Mac OS X I never upgrade the software and use it as a time capsule to great gameplay. In Rainbow Six 3 you have options of weapons, individual loadouts including ammo, grenades, scopes, uniforms AND gameplay options of missions and free-ranging firefight modes.

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The AI in this game is pretty remarkable and you have a wonderful range of individual member control within a squad. Operate up to 3 squads and then further direct other members of a squad to remain in place while one of the team goes ahead to scout, etc. Ghost Recon, being a year earlier, has graphics that are a little rougher-edged than Rainbow, but the artificial intelligence here is as good or better than Rainbow. It doesn't provide as much in-team individual command capability but you can have each squad more than adequately defend itself while you're occupied with other squads.

The game allows you to range freely in various mission scenarios and seems more engagingly "strategic" in nature with all the fun of a firefight too. There is more suspense, I feel, in Ghost and the player anticipation within the game runs high. I've had fun with these off and on since and though the maps are well worn by now, the tactical situations and play offer as much playability and enjoyment as they did back then.

I highly encourage anyone who loves FPS's and has a computer system retro-graded enough to support these older games to explore what they bring to the table. My particular games are:.

Apple Mac users should take a bite out of these awesome games

Please do on for RPG Maker.. Slow and measured gunplay creates a more realistic atmosphere. Steep learning curve at first. Controller Support: Full. Mature community means more people can experience enjoyable communications and interactions while online. Hard to get in. Everyone has a different class.

50 Best FPS (First Person Shooter) games for Mac OS | 50 Games Like

Requires a good team. Steam VoIP support. Recommend 30 3. Add Video or Image. Great level variety. Drops resolution in certain places. TrustworthyNodens's Experience. Genre: First-Person Shooter. Solid gameplay. Dual wield feels out of place. Well written and acted. Rewarding exploration. Well written and acted characters.

Top 10 Mac FPS Games 2019

Plays at p and 60fps. Recommend 18 1. My Rec ommendation for Far Cry 4.

15 Best Free Mac Games You Should Play

My Recommendation for Far Cry 4. All 5. Player creativity is emphasized. Environment feels too familiar. Genre: FPS. A great villain. Adventure aspects add to what would be a stale FPS. Recommend 11 2. All 6. Gun balance problems in multiplayer. Steam Rating: Mixed. Interesting multiplayer mode. Pointless microtransactions. Engaging singleplayer campaign. Recommend 7 1. My Rec ommendation for Prey. My Recommendation for Prey. All 8. Inconsistent graphics. Steam Rating: Very Positive. Options to stealth or shoot. Overuse of jump scares. Morality system is well-implemented. Weak stealth options.

1. Bio-shock

Strong opening. Recommend 4 1.

My Rec ommendation for Ziggurat. My Recommendation for Ziggurat. Inspired by Hexen and Doom. Procedurally generated levels and random weapons upon start. Death is inevitable and happens often. Assortment of enemies that have varied designs. Recommend My Rec ommendation for Superhot.