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Thanks for this article. I almost always take the input from smart guides with a grain of salt, using them only when I am first creating a layout, and then confirming alignment with manually-placed guides or info from the Control Panel before finalizing the design.

But now that I know some of the issues that make Smart Guides a little hinky, maybe I can start trusting them a little more. Tip 4 is by far the best one. Take the few extra seconds when aligning the initial layout, be a bit more tidy over all and the smart guides will save you tons of hazzle in the end. Can anyone tell me how to turn smart guides off in CC?

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    Might be the same on Windows. I was expecting anyone to say that! Is anyone else having this issue? Remember when you had to align things the old-fashioned way? On graph paper? Turns out, grids are handy on-screen, too, and LayOut has a grid that you can toggle on or off to line up your entities. Tip: If you print your document and would like the grid to appear in your printout, select the Print Grid checkbox. An inference cue is a little on-screen prompt that highlights geometrically significant relationships. You see a point inference little colored dots with a ScreenTip or a line inference dashed, colored lines when your mouse pointer hovers over one of these important areas.

    The inferences are there to help you draw or arrange your document elements so they line up neatly.

    macos - How do I enable snap-to-grid by default on Mac OS X? - Super User

    You can arrange how entities are stacked on top of each other using commands on the Arrange menu or by context-clicking an element an selecting a command on the context menu that appears actually, the Arrange submenu, as shown in the following figure. In the following figure, the three labels are aligned to the left and spaced evenly along the vertical axis. Unlike pancakes, you can easily flip LayOut entities no matter how big they are. Simply select the entities you want to flip.

    Pivot Snap Mode

    In the following figure, both the SketchUp model entity and the dimension are selected left and then flipped from top to bottom right. You can move elements around the drawing area in a few different ways. Tip: When Object Snap is enabled check its status on the Arrange menu , an entity will display inference cues and snap to other entities as you move it around the drawing area. Hover the Select tool cursor over the grip until it turns into a hand cursor. Then click and drag the grip to a new location.

    Scribus Lesson 14 - Align and Distribute